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IoT, Analytics & Insights

Product Engineering, Platform Integration, Apps & Analytics, IoT Managed Services


Product Engineering

IMSSPL's right mix of offerings spanning from app development, mobile communications & cloud services can help customers create solutions by mapping their business needs with the right mix of industry knowledge, strategy, design thinking and technology capabilities. We help companies digitize the physical world, simplify the complexity of IoT and take ideas from drawing board to prototype.

Platform Integration

Integration with various platforms to success with your IoT project. IMSSPL can help you with securely onboard devices, getting device data to he platform of choice in a scalable way, remotely manage devices andintegrate with existing business processes, people and systems. IMSSPL has deep expertise with monitoring status, health and location of devices, manage alerts and notifications and derive insights through analytics to improve business proceses in realtime.

Apps & Analytics

Analytics play a central role to help companies understand the IoT data at their disposal. With an eye towards reducing maintenance costs, avoid device failures and improve business operations, IMSSPL can enable organizations to collect and analyze data from devices, uncover business value of IoT adoption.

IoT Managed Services

Increase in IoT technology adoption created demand for IoT managed services market. IMSSPL can help you with the key element of managed services for connected devices. Reducing operations cost, improving customer satisfaction and mitigating risks are key priorities with our managed services offering. IMSSPL has deep expertise in providing secure networks, device management, billing platforms, network integration, security and connectivity.


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